American pronghorn buck
American pronghorn buck, commonly seen at Scotsdown during the spring, summer and fall
Wyoming Coyote
You will hear and probably see coyotes at Scotsdown
Wyoming Mule Deer
Mule deer are plentiful at Scotsdown and each year we see a few nice bucks
Mountain Lion
Mountain lions are here, they are quite common, but only luck will allow you see one
Mule Deer Doe
Mule deer doe in back of the house, summer 2008
Bull Elk
There's a small chance to see elk, we mostly see young bulls who have been driven out of their herd and are in search of companionship.
Porcupine are common at Scotsdown, there must be some good reason God put them on earth
Bobcat in back of the house, November 2007. Bobcats are quite common at Scotsdown
Badgers live at Scotsdown, they usually see you first, then hide
Merriam Turkey
Common birds at Scotsdown. In fact, they are pests during the winter when they are almost underfoot in the cow yard